Sunday, April 1, 2007

Title: Beauty and the Brain #3
Medium: Collage and Acrylic
Size: 30" x 30"
Presented to Dr. Chandranath Sen of St Luke's - Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. Dr. Sen was nominated to receive this "painting award" by many of his patients and by several members of his staff. Clearly, he is well respected and appreciated in the field of neurosurgery.

Title: Beauty and the Brain #2
Medium: Collage and Acrylic
Size: 30" x 30"
This collage painting was presented to Dr. Ossama Al-Mefty of Little Rock Arkansas who is known world-wide for his expert innovative techniques for approaching otherwise un-operable brain tumors.

Artist, Eileen Downes presenting the first painting from the series,
Beauty and the Brain #1 (The Neuro-Art Project)
to Dr. Cully Cobb III, in Sacramento CA

The artwork is collage and acrylic size 30" x 30"

What is the Neuro-art project?

The following is a copy of the press release about the project...more information and photos later...

The Series Of Works
Titled, “Beauty and The Brain”
Is A Way To Honor Top Doctors.

Sacramento mixed media artist, Eileen Downes has begun an art endeavor aimed at honoring top United States Neurosurgeons as well as increasing public awareness of the dynamic strides made in the field of neurosurgery as a treatment for brain tumors. The artist is passionate about this subject matter as her husband battles brain cancer. The art series juxtaposes scientific illustration of the brain with oversized florals composed of colorful collage material. The painted images are bright, vivid, and large all being 30” square canvases. (see attached photos) “I intend to award select US neurosurgeons the artworks as my way of recognizing experts in this progressive field,” states Ms. Downes. With input from other sources such as brain tumor support groups, patient advocate groups, neurosurgery patient referral networks, and internet neurology advice centers the artist presents select US neurosurgeons one original painting from the Beauty And The Brain series, completing about two paintings per year. The first of the series was presented to Sacramento’s own top doc, Dr. Cully Cobb III, MD. (see attached photo of art presentation). In 2003 Sacramento Magazine recognized Dr Cobb as a top Neurosurgeon and expert in his field. The artist reflects upon Dr Cobb as, “Your top-notch knowledge, caring demeanor, and expert skill have inspired me to create a series of artworks embracing the concept of the “brain” and “neurosurgery.” Another of her paintings was awarded to Dr. Ossama Al-Mefty of Little Rock, Arkansas. He is known for his innovative approach to craniotomy surgeries. The artist is excited to continue this on going art endeavor.